The Nissan Armada, or Patrol in several parts of the world like Australia, has long been regarded as a very capable off-roader even right off the showroom. It's one of the great SUVs out there that your money can buy, and that includes the long-running fifth-generation GU model.

So what's better than a Nissan Patrol on off-road applications? Of course, a modified camper version, and this example is from the Land Down Under rightfully fits that bill.

Owned by a guy named Marty and featured on YouTube's Ronny Dahl, this Nissan Patrol started out as a cab and chassis, then got fully modified both for off-roading and camping. Now, Patrol campers aren't exactly unique in Australia but this one's probably the most practical, well-thought-out example.

For starters, it's designed for long-range camping for an extended period of time. Marty even shared that they did camp for six months before. If there's one reason why campers are also called motorhomes, this is probably it.

There are several modifications to this Patrol, but it's powered by the tried-and-true 4.2-liter turbo diesel engine, mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. The camper, on the other hand, offers several amenities for cooking, showering, and sleeping inside the pop-top roof, among others. It even has solar panels available, so you going completely off-the-grid with it should be completely possible.

What's special about this camper is that each of its parts has a purpose, maximizing the space that the SUV can offer. It's hard to describe everything in words, so you might as well start watching the in-depth video embedded on top. It's kind of lengthy, though, but if you're looking for a build inspiration for your off-road camper, your 40 minutes will be well spent.

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