The ol’ saying about the Internet never really going to sleep is true. Shortly after Nissan unveiled the Z Proto with much fanfare, the rear-wheel-drive sports car lost its roof in a fan rendering of a Z Roadster. Guess what? The coupe prototype has been subjected to additional virtual cosmetic surgery in an attempt to decipher how the Nismo version will look.

Still a very much unofficial rendering, the imaginary Z envisioned by Kleber Silva is a quick Photoshop job by adding bits and pieces from the GT-R Nismo. The quad exhaust system with the fat end tips is taken straight from the R35, and so is that prominent rear wing. Those carbon fiber bits you’re seeing on the front, side, and rear skirts have also been borrowed from the aging Godzilla and they fit quite nicely on Nissan’s smaller sporty machine.

Nissan 400Z Nismo fan rendering

While this is a nice “what if” rendering, the design of the new Z Nismo remains a mystery at this point. As a matter of fact, we still technically don’t even have a fully accurate understanding of how the regular version of the 370Z is going to look. Why? Because Nissan said the “Z Proto is a development study vehicle and does not confirm or reflect production model specifications.” It’s likely close to the real thing, but some of the design details will be subjected to changes for the road-going car.

A go-faster Nismo version has already been indirectly confirmed by the company. According to Z Proto, Nissan Z, GT-R, and Nismo product specialist Hiroshi Tamura, “some appropriate performance [version]” is in the works, along with an automatic transmission. The aforementioned roadster is still up for debate among the higher-ups at Nissan.

Tamura also said that while the focus is mainly on the twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6, a hybrid Nismo is a possibility. He explained it all depends on whether the customers will want an electrified Z car. Regardless of whether it will be hybridized or not, the Z Nismo is unlikely to be available from day one along with the regular model. The latter is “not so far but not so early,” according to Tamura. Just about everyone is expecting it next year as a 2022MY for the US market, possibly with the 400Z name, but that remains to be seen.

We know that engine is good for 400 horsepower and 350 pound-feet (475 Newton-meters) of torque, and it will be interesting to see whether that output will be available in the “400Z.” If that’s going to be the case, the Nismo version will pack even more oomph to take on the upcoming Toyota Supra GRMN.

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