Over the past few years, we’ve observed an increasing desire in the U.S. for classic restomod pickup trucks. TheIcon 4x4 team is well acquainted with such things, and their latest offering is a sweet 1950 Chevrolet that was resurrected into a new rig called the Old School Edition Thriftmaster.

This is the first of a new Old School Edition Thriftmaster series, though it’s not the company’s first Thriftmaster. If this all sounds familiar, we featured a sweet 1954 Chevy in June 2019 that received a similar modern makeover. This one is different – for starters, it features the older Chevy Advance-Design trucks that emerged after World War II in 1947. This specific pickup actually served as a farm truck prior to its upfit, and what an upfit it is.

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The complete frame-off restoration swaps all the old Chevrolet running gear for modern components. An LS3 V8 with a 4L85-E automatic transmission sends power to the rear wheels, and with 430 horsepower on tap, there’s plenty of available muscle. Independent suspension with Brembo brakes gives the Thriftmaster a very un-trucklike ride by even modern truck standards, nevermind those from 70 years ago.

Icon Old School Edition Thriftmaster Bed
Icon Old School Edition Thriftmaster Engine

And yet, looking at the pickup from the outside, you wouldn’t notice such upgrades. The classic-style wagon wheels are custom and certainly larger, but it wears a period-correct shade of green for its two-tone exterior, complemented by subtle touches such as the ICON badging on the fenders. The bed floor is refinished with African teak trimmed by stainless steel rails and looks fantastic.

You also wouldn’t notice a significant difference inside, though the saddle leather seats, door panels, and headliner are clear upgrades. The classic dash is preserved, complete with all the knobs for radio and climate functions. However, they operate a hidden Bluetooth stereo, and modern air conditioning helps keep driver and passengers cool. Should you find yourself behind the wheel, modern gauge clusters fill the original oval openings.

“At ICON 4x4, our passion is in celebrating timeless designs and giving them new life with increased performance, handling, and comfort," said ICON 4x4 Founder and Lead Designer Jonathan Ward. "Originally, this was a farm truck, so working with the client to restore a workhorse like this was such a fun, rewarding process.”

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CHATSWORTH, CA (September 3, 2020) – World-renowned vehicle designer ICON 4x4 has just unveiled its first Old School Edition Thriftmaster featuring a completely bespoke, fully customized 1950’s era truck. The incredibly detailed restoration is sure to appeal to collectors and enthusiasts alike. ICON 4x4’s newest hand-built Thriftmaster perfectly combines the original vehicle’s timeless bygone era styling with modern state-of-the-art engineering for the ultimate truck driving experience. The Old School Thriftmaster is the newest addition in a celebrated series of amazing ICON 4x4 Old School editions, which feature restored trucks imbued with the best of modern performance and engineering all with a distinctively retro look.


“This is the very first of our Old School Thriftmaster builds, so we had the opportunity to completely redesign the visual elements as well as the chassis for a much smoother, really enjoyable ride, that also creates a wholly different personality, when compared to our New School version” comments ICON 4x4 Lead Designer and Founder Jonathan Ward. “At ICON 4x4, our passion is in celebrating timeless designs and giving them new life with increased performance, handling, and comfort. Originally, this was a farm truck, so working with the client to restore a workhorse like this was such a fun, rewarding process.”


The ICON 4x4 Old School Edition Thriftmaster features an emissions-certified LS3 V8 engine producing 430 horsepower mated to a 4L85-E automatic transmission. Implementing independent front and rear suspension, this versatile truck is capable of hauling light loads while possessing the performance characteristics of a modern-day sports car. The result is an unforgettably timeless retro design that drives like nothing else out on the road today.


The ICON 4x4 Old School Edition Thriftmaster incorporates a stunning light vintage green two-tone paint job that is sure to make a statement. In true coach-built fashion, each exterior component of the Thriftmaster build was given significant attention. The stunning Old School style the truck presents is seamlessly continued throughout the interior with more period correct design with a distinctively ICON 4x4 twist.


ICON 4x4 retained the original vanilla-hue Thriftmaster dashboard to highlight the luxurious saddle leather seats, steering wheel, and roof. One of the many unique features of the truck is the Saint Francis badge located in the rear of the interior cabin. Among many things, Saint Francis is known as the patron saint of automobile drivers’ courtesy of a famous legend of how an angel used to light the oncoming road to keep her safe from hazards. The beautiful badge inside the Thriftmaster signifies safe travels for all, and ICON 4x4 sourced this valuable antique in London for the client. The Thriftmaster’s interior also incorporates custom leather to add an extra level of comfort and luxury to all passengers, including made-to-order matching green suede piping.


Other modern-day updates that have been implemented into the vehicle include powerful ICON Brembo brakes that vastly improve the truck’s stopping power, as well as a sleek African teak bed, complemented with stainless rails and custom removable cargo hold down pins. A Bluetooth dependent audio system feeds crystal clear sound through a digital sound processor controlled by two design-era appropriate dash knobs, powerful new A/C unit and several further interior upgrades on the original components further add to the Thriftmaster’s mystique. More than 22 specific items are unique to this new Old School Package.


For more information on ICON 4x4’s projects and available vehicles, please visit www.icon4x4.com or call (818) 280-3333.

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