Jaw, meet floor.

France’s idea of an Audi TT is easily one of the most beautiful Peugeots of the modern era. From the sleek side profile to the Zagato-esque double-bubble roof, there’s a lot to like about how the RCZ looked. It was discontinued back in 2015 due to weak demand, but it has now been revived (well, at least in spirit) courtesy of a fan rendering.

Dreamed up by Czyzewski Design, the hypothetical second-generation RCZ is achingly beautiful. It has some good genes inherited from another Peugeot stunner – the 508 liftback. The curvy roof of the original model has been retained, much like the compact proportions, the two-tone body finish, and the placement of the side mirrors on the doors.

Gallery: 2020 Peugeot RCZ concept rendering

The artist has imagined the sports coupe with a significantly sharper body compared to its predecessor as a way to bring the “new” RCZ in line with Peugeot’s latest design language. The dual exhaust tips, large alloy wheels, and red Brembo brake calipers remind us of the high-performance RCZ R. Its swanky LED headlights and taillights adapted from current models carrying the lion badge are a perfect fit in our books.

While most of the renderings we share here on Motor1.com only show the car’s exterior, this talented artist took the extra time to come up with a full cabin as well. The 2+2 layout echoes that of the old coupe, but it has been imagined with Peugeot’s fantastic i-Cockpit. These renderings could easily pass off as the real deal, which says a lot about the artist’s skills.

The chances of seeing an actual RCZ in the near future are slim to none, but we’re hoping the spirit of the stylish coupe will be resurrected by Peugeot in the EV era. For the time being, the business case for a sports coupe is weak, although we’re keeping our fingers crossed something good will come out of the FCA-PSA merger in regards to an Audi TT competitor.

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