The Buick GL8 Avenir concept, the luxury minivan the automaker previewed last year, is now real. Earlier this month, Buick announced it’d turn the concept into a new model. At the time, details about the model were scarce, but now we have more information about the new GL8 Avenir, along with several new photos, too, giving us a look at the new minivan. It’ll only be available in China.

Much of the Buick GL8 Avenir looks like the concept; however, there are minor differences. The side-view mirrors on the production model are larger than the mirrors on the concept. The lower front fascia is also different, with the production version sporting a completely different design. The Matrix LED headlights and diamond-cut sculpted grille appear unchanged, though. We don’t know if there are significant changes to the rear, as Buick didn’t provide a wide shot, but the taillights appear identical between the two.

Like the concept, the GL8 Avenir is available with a four-seat layout. It can also accommodate six-and seven-seat configurations. The full-length center console appears missing in the production version. Still, much of the interior looks identical to the concept’s, including the large infotainment screen attached to the digital instrument cluster.

Gallery: Buick GL8 Avenir

Technology is a significant focus for the GL8, including the 12.3-inch integrated display. Other tech features include Buick’s eConnect 3.0 connectivity technology, a large-size head-up display, and more. The GL8 Avenir is also equipped with the latest safety technologies like lane centering control, traffic jam assist, a hands-off steering wheel detection feature, and more – up to “20 intelligent driving features” are available.

Surprisingly, the GL8 Avenir won’t be the lone luxury MPV in the People’s Republic. Mercedes sells the V-Class while Lexus introduced the LM, which is available with a luxurious four-seat option or the more practical seven-seat layout.

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Buick Accepting Preorders for All-New GL8 Avenir Family

SHANGHAI — Buick today began accepting preorders for its all-new GL8 Avenir luxury multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) family in China.

Three models are initially being offered: the flagship GL8 Avenir four-seat luxury MPV, and six-seat and seven-seat variants. Preorders can be made through Buick’s online store on Tmall ( and the official eBuick digital shop ( 

The all-new GL8 Avenir family was developed by leveraging GM’s global resources and its deep understanding of local market demand. It comes with comprehensive upgrades in design, safety, convenience and functionality for today’s luxury MPV buyers in China.

“The GL8 has been meeting customer demand since the nameplate’s launch in 1999, with over 1 million sold through five generations,” said Molly Peck, executive director of Buick Sales and Marketing at SAIC-GM. “The all-new GL8 Avenir family carries on the tradition, setting a new benchmark for China’s luxury MPV segment.”

Based on the GL8 Avenir concept that received rave reviews upon its debut in 2019, the all-new GL8 Avenir family features sophisticated exterior styling highlighted by an exclusive diamond-cut sculpted grille and Matrix LED lights.

The interior continues the sense of luxury, exemplified by leather-appointed seats with custom perforation and a foldable table available in the second row of the six-seat variant. The four-seat variant redefines the luxury MPV, with its distinct 2+2 two-row seating layout, resulting in unprecedented roominess and comfort in the segment.

The all-new GL8 Avenir family has adopted GM’s smart propulsion technology, which enhances fuel economy and driving performance. In addition, it comes with the latest Buick eConnect 3.0 connectivity technology, including a 12.3-inch integrated driver information panel and cluster display, large-size head-up display (HUD) and streaming mirror, for a highly interactive connectivity experience. Customers are entitled to 100G of free OnStar 4G LTE data service every year.

The all-new GL8 Avenir luxury MPV family is the first equipped with Buick’s advanced driver assistance technology, with up to 20 intelligent driving features available. They include Lane Centering Control, the Traffic Jam Assist mode and the steering wheel hands-off detection feature, to ensure a safer, more reliable and more intelligent driving experience tailored for China’s roads and driving conditions.

Among the other technology innovations are the distinct car door shadow lighting, Bose Centerpoint® surround sound stereo system and Continental ContiSeal Tires. 

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