The Chevrolet Suburban is all-new inside and out for the 2021 model year, but you already knew that, right? Here’s something you might have missed about the tenth generation of the fullsize SUV – it turns out it doubles as a nifty recreational vehicle as long as there’s someone with the skills, tools, and time to complete the conversion. One such creation has emerged on Craigslist where the seller based in San Diego is asking $25,000 for his pop-top camper.

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That might sound like a lot of money for a 12-year-old, 125,000-mile Suburban, but this is no ordinary Suburban. The most obvious change is a pop-top roof with a fiberglass composite shell featuring one-inch-thick insulation, upholstery, and recessed LEDs. To use it, there’s a reinforced roof opening, which can be locked from the inside.

There’s more to this outdoorsy Chevy than its roof extension as the interior makes proper use of the available room. From the auxiliary heater to a fridge mounted behind a custom-made storage area, it’s safe to say this unconventional camper has all the fixings. The seller points out that a secondary battery has been installed in the engine compartment, while the bed platform with a queen-size mattress is completely removable without requiring any tools.

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There are three soft-close drawers and under-bed storage to hold your stuff, with room for everything from ski boots to helmets and actual skis. There’s even a wash-down shower with a five-gallon water tank, along with a water pump, sink faucet, and a gray water system.

Beyond the camper stuff, the Suburban has gone through a few other changes to improve its off-road capabilities via all-terrain tires, greater suspension travel, and Fox coil-overs offering a 3-inch lift. A shiny new windshield was recently installed, along with new brake pads and rotors, plus fresh fluids for the gearbox and transfer case.

It’s not all perfect though since the front bumper has a couple of scratches on the left corner and the front-right headlight could use a polish. In addition, the tire rubs on the upper control arm when the 4WD system is in full lock mode, although it’s not a problem for the seller as he never uses full lock.

There you have it – a Suburban not just for the suburbs as this large SUV can easily serve as your home away from home.

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