For the hellscape that is the modern-day internet, there are moments of levity that break through the immaturity, signs that the collective internet consciousness is not that of a 12-year-old kid hopped-up on Red Bull, 13 hours of Call of Duty, and whatever horror is trending on YouTube. But alas, this is not one of those moments. The 2020 Singapore Motor Show kicked off today, and Subaru will be in attendance with a not-so-family-friendly product – the Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special edition. You can see why this is a bad name.

If the bright blue paint, swooping red accents, and lime green brake calipers weren’t enough to draw your attention to the Forester, the Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special “edition” plastered on the ground next to it is difficult to miss. The red under glow, blacked-out lights, big 20-inch wheels, low-profile tires, and lowered stance feels better suited for SEMA than a motor show.  

The racy decisions of the exterior creep inside, too. While the peek inside is brief, we can see the leather-and-suede seats and their red STI stitching. We can also spot the upgraded infotainment system, which may hint at an upgraded audio system, too. However, we can’t see any indication of the crossover’s naughty name. 

If this is Subaru’s lone faux pas at this year’s show, then the automaker should receive a crowd-pleasing PG-13 rating. It’s not clear if the naming was an internal nod to internet culture and its id, or an unfortunate mistake, though the phrasing “Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special edition” feels too on the nose to be unintentional, though stranger things have occurred.

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to purchase the Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special edition from your local dealership. Instead, it looks like a smorgasbord of aftermarket bits wrapped in one inappropriately named package.  

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