Pickup trucks used as base vehicles for campers and motorhomes aren't exactly new. The inherent flexibility and workhorse nature of these vehicle types make them popular choices for motorhome makers out there.

We've seen Lance Camper flaunting the Altimeter at SEMA this year – a drop-in truck camper with a Ford Super Duty truck as its base vehicle. It's deliciously built, but we can't help but think how big this rig is, considering the Super Duty's size, to begin with.

If you're looking for something smaller, Burow Reisemobile from Germany has one, and it's based on the single-cab variant of the midsize Blue Oval truck, the Ford Ranger.

Gallery: Burow Reisemobile Ford Ranger Oman 4x4 Camper

Called the Burow Reisemobile Ford Ranger Oman, the camper is a 4x4 variant, which gives the motorhome a bit of an off-roading ability. While the exterior size is questionnable – especially when you compare it to the Lance Altimeter – Burow has done a great job in utilizing the limited space inside the Ranger's camper.

In the walk-through video uploaded by Alan Heath, the Burow Ford Ranger Oman has three sections on its living space, namely the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom/living room. The kitchen, which features a two-stove countertop and a refrigerator, greets you upon entering the camper. The bathroom is adjacent to it, which features a toilet, a shower, and a sink. The latter is an adjustable type – a clever feature to maximize space in a rather small room.

The bedroom can accommodate two people, but we can't help but notice how thin the cushions are against the wooden boards. Guess that's something you can improve on in case you're interested in buying this 4x4 camper. Of course, there are plenty of storage spaces inside the Ford Ranger Oman camper, which are all nicely crafted based on the video.

The Burow Reisemobile Ford Ranger Oman is listed with a price tag of $66,835 (59,800 euros) based on the latest price list of the company on its website. This price includes a provision for solar panels and other engine options for the pickup truck. 

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