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The 2020 Mini Cooper SE electric vehicle will carry a starting price of $30,750, including the $850 destination charge, and they'll arrive in American showrooms in early March 2020. Depending on where a buyer lives, the company touts that customers could get the EV for as little as $17,900 after applicable federal and state EV tax credits.

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The Cooper SE packs an electric motor powering the front wheels and making 181 horsepower (135 kilowatts) and 199 pound-feet (270 Newton-meters) of torque. There's a 32.6-kilowatt-hour battery pack. The EPA-rated range isn't yet officially available, but Mini estimates the figure at 114 miles (183 kilometers). The hatchback reaches 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in 6.9 seconds. The top speed is 93 mph (150 kph).

A 7.4-kW AC charger allows can refill the battery to 100 percent in as little as 4 hours. There's also DC charging at up to 50 kW for getting an 80 percent charge at public stations within 35 minutes.

The Cooper SE rides 0.7 inches (18 millimeters) higher than the combustion-powered model to make room for the batteries. However, the rear cargo capacity with the seats up is the same 7.451 cubic feet (211 liters) as the non-EV.

The Mini EV comes standard with some high-tech amenities. The infotainment system features a 6.5-inch display that comes with navigation, Bluetooth, and Apple CarPlay. On the inside, there is automatic climate control and heated front seats. The exterior features rain-sensing windshield wipers, LED headlights, and heated mirrors.

Aesthetically, the major exterior difference between the Cooper SE and other variants of the model is that this one has a charging port on the rear passenger side, and it has an LED light that illuminates when there's a plug in place. The company also closes off the front grille. The model rides on wheels with a blocky, asymmetrical design.

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MINI makes electric mobility more accessible, offering most affordable premium EV in the US.

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – October 28 2019 – MINI USA is pleased to announce the U.S. market pricing on its all-new battery electric MINI Cooper SE. The 2020 MINI Cooper SE will reach US showrooms in early March of 2020 with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $29,900 plus an additional $850 Destination & Handling fee.

“U.S. pricing of the new MINI Cooper SE was set to establish this new battery electric as a true class leader in making premium electric mobility more accessible to a broader range of customers.”, said Michael Peyton, Vice President, MINI of the Americas. “We at MINI are pleased to offer more people the ability to experience a drive charged with passion in the form of the MINI Cooper SE, an EV that is built “for the drive”.”

The Cooper SE makes electric mobility more “MINI” by maintaining authentic attributes of design, handling, and fun that are found in every MINI model. The MINI Cooper SE harkens back to the mission of the very first Mini developed by Sir Alec Issigonis in 1959 – to develop a creative solution for a highly efficient car with a small footprint that was fun to drive, and accessible to the masses.

Power and Performance

With a low center of gravity, a powerful electric powertrain, and dynamic handling, the MINI Cooper SE is a true performance car that retains all the fun-to-drive attributes MINI owners have come to know and love. The front wheel drive electric motor  generates 181hp and 199 lb.-ft. of torque enabling the new MINI Cooper SE to go from 0 – 60 mph in 6.9 seconds and achieve a top speed of 93 mph.

Attainable Electric Mobility

While the MINI Cooper SE has an MSRP of $29,900, federal tax credits and state electric vehicle tax credits make the MINI Cooper SE even more attractive. In some cases, qualified consumers can get a MINI Cooper SE for as low as $17,900, along with additional incentives such as HOV lane access in some states.

“Premium” Well Defined with High Level of Standard Equipment

The MINI Cooper SE comes standard with a base trim level that offers a full complement of premium features and equipment. Beyond the standard equipment, two additional trim levels will be offered giving customers the choice to easily add two bundled packages of premium equipment.
100% Standard Features

MSRP $29,900

Plus additional $850 Destination & Handling
Navigation system with 6.5” display
Apple CarPlay Compatibility
Heated Front Seats
Comfort Access Keyless entry
LED Headlights and Fog lights
Active Driving Assistant with Forward Collision Warning
Acoustic Pedestrian Warning
Rear View Camera
Bluetooth with phone and audio streaming
Automatic Climate Control
Heated Mirrors and Washer Jets
Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster
16" Wheels

MINI DNA Carries on in Electric Form

Based on, and dimensionally almost identical to the MINI Hardtop 2 Door launched in 2014, the MINI Cooper SE has been engineered to be electric. Modifications include a height increase of 18 mm (.7 inch) to accommodate floor mounted battery packs and a new, more efficient HVAC heat pump to maximize range during colder weather. Despite these modifications, the MINI Cooper SE has the same distinctive style and identical interior dimensions and cargo space as the internal combustion MINI Hardtop. It also includes a closed, uniquely styled grill for better aerodynamics.

Charging and Regeneration

The MINI Cooper SE comes standard with AC Charging at up to 7.4 kW, which allows for a 100% charge at home in as little as 4 hours, as well as DC Charging at up to 50 kW, which allows for charging at public stations in as little as 35 minutes to achieve an 80% charge, and utilizes the SAE Combo fast charging standard. From the outside you will immediately notice the new EV Specific Filler Flap with LED status indicator for when the vehicle is in charge mode. The MINI Cooper SE also includes a programmable locking feature that can prevent the charge cord from being unplugged when charging and can automatically unlock when fully charged to allow others needing charge access to the charger. The MINI Cooper SE also comes standard with a two-mode regenerative braking system to help maximize the recharging of the battery while also meeting your personal driving style preference.

Inside the Cockpit

The MINI Cooper SE come standard with a new Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster which features a digital speedometer and graphic indications for Charge Level and Power Level, as well as scrollable data including remaining range and charging/charge level during charging. This puts essential EV operations and energy consumption data all in one convenient place.

The new MINI Cooper SE will go on sale early March 2020 at MINI dealers across the U.S.
About MINI in the US

MINI is an independent brand of the BMW Group. In the United States, MINI USA operates as a business unit of BMW of North America, LLC, located in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey and includes the marketing and sales organizations for the MINI brand. The MINI USA sales organization is represented in the U.S. through a network of 122 MINI passenger car dealers in 39 states. MINI USA began selling vehicles in the U.S. in 2002 with the introduction of the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S Hardtops. Since then, the MINI Brand in the U.S. has grown to encompass a model range of five unique vehicles.

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