It’s official, the final Cadillac XTS just rolled off the assembly line ending production of Cadillac’s most popular car. The XTS was built as an offering to the traditional comfort-seeking Cadillac customer while the brand tried to make a business selling high-performance luxury sedans. In the end, the XTS won the sales battle and now we say goodbye to Cadillac’s best selling car. 

You may be wondering, why would Cadillac ax a car with proven sales volume? Well from the beginning the XTS was built as a holdover for Cadillac’s traditional fan base until the brand could launch the range-topping CT6 luxury sedan. Now the CT6 is here there’s no need for the XTS to stick around leading to its discontinuation.

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The Cadillac XTS never stirred the interest of car enthusiasts like the CTS and ATS sports sedans did, however, when it came to sales figures the XTS was the clear victor. In the third quarter of 2017 Cadillac sold 3,038 ATSs and 3,045 CTSs but during that same period, 3,553 XTSs left dealership lots. The XTS even beat out its replacement, the CT6 which sold only 2,731 units in Q3 2017. 

In Q3 of 2018 the XTS sold 4,101 units while ATS scrounged up a meager 2,281 customers, the CT6 sold 2,376, and the CTS sold a respectable 3,695 units. Fast forward to today and although the XTS is on its way out it was just barely eclipsed in sales with 1,149 to 1,625. An impressive run for a car Cadillac only built out of obligation. 

Although the Cadillac XTS never stirred the hearts of enthusiasts it was a sales success for Cadillac. The XTS was a lifeline to traditional customers who were uninterested in the brand's sports sedan offensive. The XTS lives on in the CT6 as the future of comfortable Cadillac luxury sedans.

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