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Cadillac isn’t closing the door on sedans just yet. The new CT4 is Caddy’s replacement for the short-lived but much-loved ATS compact sedan, though its reveal to the world is a bit out-of-the-ordinary. Typically, we’re shown a new model in its more plebian range of trims with a performance model – if there’s a performance model – arriving sometime later. For the CT4, Cadillac decided to jump right to the dessert with the amped-up CT4-V. The standard CT4 will debut in a few weeks.

As with any sports sedan, the big news comes from under the Caddy’s hood though, admittedly, it’s not as big as we’d hoped. The mill is a 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that develops an estimated 320 horsepower (239 kilowatts) and 369 pound-feet (500 Newton-meters), though Cadillac says that figure is still pending SAE certification. That’s well off the 464 hp produced by the previous ATS-V, but the CT4-V is also said to be something of a corner-carver thanks to its performance chassis with a near 50/50 weight distribution.

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Power goes to either the rear wheels or all four through a 10-speed automatic transmission – the only gearbox offered. RWD versions get Cadillac’s Magnetic Ride Control 4.0 with a limited-slip differential, while AWD versions have ZF MVS passive dampers. Regardless of the powertrain, all CT4-Vs get Brembo brakes with 12.6-inch rotors up front and Vehicle Control Mode with a customizable V-Mode to dial in your preferences.

As for the appearance, the CT4-V shares much of its design language with the larger CT5. Cadillac hasn’t released details yet with regards to equipment – that will likely come with the standard CT4 debut in a few weeks – but we do know the V model will get the company’s hands-free Super Cruise autonomous system. That’s rather interesting since Cadillac had previously suggested it didn’t want to include the system on performance vehicles.

Revealing the range-topping variant of an all-new model first is certainly unorthodox, but with this reveal coinciding with the unveiling of the new CT5-V, there’s certainly a bit of symmetry to it all, if a fair amount of head-scratching as well. In any case, the CT4-V will go on sale early next year as a 2020 model.

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Cadillac Reveals First-Ever CT4-V and CT5-V

Expanded lineup adds more choices for spirited performance. Highlights include available Super Cruise, AWD, Magnetic Ride Control 4.0, eLSD and new V-Mode

Driven by Cadillac’s latest turbocharging technology and building on more than 15 years of performance credentials, the first-ever 2020 CT4-V and CT5-V were unveiled today, expanding choices for the brand’s V-Series performance sub-brand.

Following the 2019 CT6-V, they grow the V-Series family with even more levels of performance, while preserving the lineage established by the original V-Series lineup introduced in 2004.   

“The new V-Series sedan lineup defines modern sophistication by combining luxury appointments with thoughtful technology and athletic refinement for the discerning enthusiast,” said Brandon Vivian, Cadillac executive chief engineer. “We are inviting even more customers into the V-Series family by adding a new level of elevated performance between our Sport models and the ultimate, high-performance track capability that the V-Series has grown to represent.”

The first-ever CT4 and recently introduced CT5 represent Cadillac’s realigned sedan portfolio, characterized by new proportions, innovative technologies and more appearance and performance choices. Each is built on Cadillac’s award-winning rear-wheel-drive Alpha architecture, with the V-Series models developed to deliver the ultimate blend of performance, presence and road-going refinement.

Both share the latest standard V-Series performance technologies, including Magnetic Ride Control 4.0, which is tuned specifically for V models to enhance comfort without sacrificing performance-oriented responsiveness, and drive modes that include new V-Mode personalization. Each model is available in RWD or AWD and features a 10-speed automatic transmission, Brembo front brakes with eBoost electronic assist and a limited-slip rear differential on CT4-V and electronic limited-slip differential on CT5-V.

Cadillac’s exclusive Super Cruise1, the first true hands-free driver assistance feature for the freeway, is available on more than 130,000 miles of limited-access freeways in the U.S. and Canada. It will be available on both new V-Series models.  

“The new lineup expands the V-Series ethos, drawing more customers into the Cadillac Performance family, and the newest Vs are focused on elevated athleticism and luxurious refinement for customers wanting a dynamic daily drive,” said Mark Reuss, GM president. “And this is only the beginning of the V family. Cadillac’s passion for performance shines on a racetrack. Stay tuned.”

Vehicle highlights
CT5-V — The first-ever CT5-V builds on the precision-focused details of the all-new luxury sedan introduced earlier this year to offer elevated road performance and an engaging driving experience.  

  • Powered by Cadillac’s high-output 3.0L Twin Turbo V-6 engine, which uses low-inertia turbochargers to enhance power production across the rpm band. It is rated at a Cadillac-estimated 355 horsepower (265 kW), pending SAE certification.
  • 10-speed automatic transmission.
  • Electronic limited-slip rear differential.
  • Standard RWD and available AWD.
  • V-Series performance chassis with Magnetic Ride Control 4.0.
  • Performance Traction Management.
  • Vehicle Control Mode with customizable V-Mode.
  • Brembo front braking system.
  • 19-inch wheels and summer-only performance tires2 (all-season tires available with AWD).
  • Dark exterior accents and V-Series mesh grilles; unique rear diffuser and quad exhaust tips.
  • Super Cruise1 available.
  • Unique performance persona instrument cluster and V-Mode steering wheel control.

CT4-V — Developed for a new generation of sedan customers, the first-ever CT4 blends nimble handling and Cadillac’s signature technology. The CT4-V takes these traits further, infusing the brand’s racing DNA for a dynamic, responsive and exhilarating driving experience.   

  • Powered by Cadillac’s high-output 2.7L Turbo engine featuring a unique three-step sliding camshaft that helps optimize performance at all speeds. It is rated at a Cadillac-estimated 320 horsepower (239 kW), pending SAE certification.
  • 10-speed automatic.
  • Limited-slip rear differential.
  • V-Series performance chassis with Magnetic Ride Control 4.0 (on RWD) or ZF MVS passive dampers (on AWD).
  • Vehicle Control Mode with customizable V-Mode.
  • Brembo front braking system.
  • 18-inch wheels and summer-only performance tires2 (all-season tires available with AWD).
  • Near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution for an exceptional feeling of balance and control.
  • Dark exterior accents and V-Series mesh grilles; quad exhaust tips, unique rear spoiler design that helps reduce rear lift while increasing grip for the rear tires.
  • Super Cruise1 available.
  • Unique performance persona instrument cluster and V-Mode steering wheel control.
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