The gargantuan Ford Excursion SUV retired from the American market in the 2005 model year, but Custom Autos by Tim has made a successful business out of creating new ones on the Super Duty pickup chassis. The company even offers massive, six-door versions for folks who desire even more room from their rig. 

Buyers generally commission their SUV from Custom Autos by Tim. Customers can provide a donor vehicle to the company or pay more for the business to take care of that. Because of the greater use of aluminum, the firm can't convert 2017 model year or newer trucks.

If a client provides a truck to start from, then the conversion requires six to 14 weeks. The Excursion conversions start at $41,000 for the four-door, $49,000 for the six-door, and $59,000 for a dually. On top of that, there are a wide variety of customization options, like different seats, rear HVAC system, up to six inches of suspension lift, and much more. 

Custom Autos by Tim has no problem keeping busy building these modern Excursions. The company has a two-month waiting list for them, according to The Detroit News. Info on the business' site shows it completed 34 of them in 2018 and 38 in 2017.

Like many custom vehicle builders, this shop chronicles its complete builds on YouTube, and the clip above provides a great view of Custom Autos by Tim's work at creating a modern Excursion. The buyer of this one opted for a mean, dark look with a lifted suspension, big front bumper, and leather-upholstered interior.

Source: Custom Autos by Tim, The Detroit NewsCABT Guthrie Oklahoma via YouTube

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