A charity race quickly turns into a mass of mud and shattered plastic.

Even if you were lucky enough to have a Power Wheels ride-on as a kid, you have to admit that there is a ton more variety available now. While all we had were Jeeps, kids nowadays can choose between riding in a Mustang, a BMW i8, or even on a scaled-down, kid-sized ATV.

We'd be lying if we said that we hadn't looked longingly at some of the newer models, and wished – for just a moment – that we were still small enough (and light enough) to drive the small, plastic, battery-powered cars.

Like all kid's toys, though, Power Wheels eventually either break or their riders outgrow them. Instead of a new Pixar movie that's a cross between Cars and Toy Story, we think that this is a much more fitting send-off.

Some fine folks in Cookeville, Tennessee decided to find a use for all of those discarded Power Wheels and do some good in the world at the same time. They organized the Downhill Power Wheels Derby, and used the event to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

The adult contestants ride down a hill, sometimes three abreast, before a mini ski jump sends them into the air before splashing into a muddy pit. According to the video's description, nobody was seriously hurt, but several people were carried off the track.

These little plastic cars were never designed to see the weight, speed, or impacts they face in this competition, so the ground at the finish line becomes littered with discarded plastic tires and trim pieces as time goes on. It's an appropriate end for the ephemeral children's toy we grew up with.

Source: ViralHog on YouTube

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