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Honda-powered Mini cars aren’t really a new thing. In fact, when you google search using the keywords “Honda Mini Cooper,” your first page would probably reveal modifications pointing towards VTEC fitted inside a small Mini Cooper.

So basically, for mod guys, this is a normal thing. However, how about this one from the U.K. A 22-year-old lad modified an old Mini Cooper – the small bodied-one, not the huge modern types – and turned his two-door cutemobile into a pocket rocket.

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Here’s what he fitted his Mini under the hood: a B16 Honda VTEC 1.6-liter engine with GT3076R turbocharger. The power output? 360 horsepower. Imagine that amount of power in a small-sized car. Seems a lot? Well, you’re right. Just watch the video above to see what we’re talking about.

See what we mean? Aside from the Honda engine swap, the owner of the Mini jacked up his car with a lot of upgrades, which he had done by himself. These include 750cc injectors, a number of radiators, a huge wing, and the biggest set of Wilwood brakes to fit the 13-inch rims. The interior has been heavily modified, as well, with fiberglass trims, some dashboard reshaping, change of steering wheel, customer Recaro seats, racing pedals, and five-speed quick gear shifter. In other words, the only thing left standard with the car is the body, and that’s a good thing, we guess.

The monster Mini is currently in front-wheel layout, but the owner said that his modifications will be complete when he gets the car to be all-wheel drive. He also wants to boost the power further to 500+ hp, which is absolutely insane. Truly, this modified Mini redefines the meaning of pocket rocket. And again, all done by a 22-year old. Beat that.

Source: LIvingLifeFast via Youtube

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