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The last time we watched a Ford Mustang / Chevrolet Camaro quarter-mile showdown, the Bowtie outgunned the Blue Oval. The contenders in that match were two 2018 models and if we’re honest, there was a serious power disparity – namely the Camaro ZL1’s 650-horsepower (485-kilowatt) supercharged V8 versus the naturally aspirated 526 hp (392 kW) mill in the Shelby GT350. This time around we have another ZL1 but the competition is a supercharged Shelby GT500. Time for Ford to get some payback, right?

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Before all you Mustang fans get cocky at the thought of a Shelby slaughter, take a close look at the car in this clip. Keen observers will notice the grille and lower intake are not from the 2013-2014 Shelby, but 2012 and prior. In fact, the owner of the Mustang posted in the comments of this video, and jumping to his YouTube page we see it's indeed a 2011 model. That means we aren’t dealing with a 662-hp (494 kW) Shelby, but the 550-hp (410 kW) version. We don’t know what kind of power modifications it has, but it’s said to have 4:10 gears so that will definitely help the Shelby scoot down the track.

Mustang Shelby GT500 vs Camaro ZL1
Mustang Shelby GT500 vs Camaro ZL1

Armed with this new information, how do you think this eternal Ford-versus-Chevy battle will go down? In theory the Mustang is giving up 100 horsepower to the Camaro, but it’s getting to the ground though a better gear ratio. The Mustang driver is also shifting cogs by hand with a six-speed manual gearbox, which traditionally saps less of the engine’s power than an automatic. That also means there’s more room for driver error, should the Shelby driver miss a shift.

This time around we’ll leave the dramatic conclusion to the video, but we will say this: The Mustang driver doesn’t miss a shift, and it’s a damn close finish.

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