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New spy photos catch a very odd TLX test mule on the road, and it's identity is a mystery. However, this could be our very first hints about the changes for the sporty TLX Type-S.

Acura TLX-Based Mule Spy Shots

The weird vehicle features a camouflaged front end, and there are some very weird details visible underneath the cladding. For example, it's hard to miss the bizarre turquoise color for the body panels that extend across the front end. One possibility is that Acura is trying doubly hard to hide the pieces. We don't usually see automaker's using such a colorful form of concealment, though.

Another oddity is that the headlights appear to be halogen pieces, but the TLX only comes Acura's Jewel Eye LEDs.

Acura TLX-Based Mule Spy Shots

At the rear, Acura's engineers bolt on some fender flares, presumably for fitting slightly larger tires. The trapezoidal exhausts appear slightly wider than the ones currently available on the TLX, too.

Acura TLX-Based Mule Spy Shots

Acura also camouflages the interior, suggesting there are changes in there. One tweak is evident – a screen emerges from the top of the dashboard. However, the existing TLX has the display covered in a shroud on the dashboard as a design detail to avoid sun glare.

Acura intends to create a sporty line of Type-S models that would use a brand-exclusive turbocharged V6 engine and torque-vectoring Super Handling All-Wheel Drive. The tweaked exhaust and wider fenders on this test mule might be evidence that this the sporty version. These vehicles wouldn't be ultra-hardcore track machines, though. Acura PR representative Zach Vlasuk told in January that the Type-S models would be more akin to a mildly sporty Mercedes C43 than a C63 or BMW M3.

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