Subtlety is an art form.

Look, when a fancy aftermarket tuner company decides to try its hand at some interior decoration, the results are often mixed. Let’s just say things can get quite outrageous in a very short amount of time. But when an email from Vilner Design dropped into our inbox, we took notice. The changes to this 2017 Mercedes-AMG S63 convertible are subtle, tasteful, and look like something Mercedes itself would have designed. That kind of integration is hard to achieve. Show these photos to some Joe Schmo on the street and we’d bet he or she wouldn’t be able to tell this interior is custom.

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Vilner designed new sides of the seat bottoms from brown perforated leather that also climbs up across the lumbar supper area and around the seat bolsters. The white thread, laid in a wave pattern, contrasts the stock geometrical stitching. Vilner took care in its design, making sure no stitching goes through the perforated areas. The same brown leather and design carries over to the door panel. The company also upgraded the key fob, which is already plain, by wrapping it in fine brown leather. It’s all about consistency.  

And that’s it. There are no wild design schemes, or wicked, clashing colors inside or out. Vilner took a discreet approach to upgrading the interior and it achieved its goal. This is an example of how you don’t have to go all crazy just to get noticed. And the added upgrade to the key fob is nothing short of sweet. While the Mercedes may have AMG performance, the key is virtually the same across the entire company, save for a tiny AMG emblem that replaces the Mercedes logo. Anything to set it apart is welcomed. The photos also show the instrument cluster with the Vilner logo and name.

This is a fine example of just one way to personalize your vehicle. It may not scream “Look at me.” But is also doesn’t attract any unwanted attention.

Source: Vilner Design

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