2018 Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet Review: Sunshine On Fast Forward

– Los Angeles, California

It’s a beautiful day alongside the Pacific Ocean, sunshine streaming down on me as I drive along, top-down, toward Los Angeles. Though the S-Class Cabriolet was already a superlatively wonderful convertible, the 2018 model’s updates prove that, yes, there was still room for improvement. To whit, this S63 has an extra 26 horsepower compared to last year’s model, its fascias are restyled with a prettier look, more technology is on board, and brilliant new OLED taillights highlight the rump. It’s an absolutely joy to drive and to look at, all while cosseting driver and passenger in the utmost comfort.



Looks fabulous. Just look at it. With its power top lowered, the Cabriolet is far and away the prettiest S-Class variant, and an extremely attractive car in general. Fabulous proportions, with that huge tonneau cover behind the seats, and the subtle curves of Mercedes’ “Sensual Purity” styling language, make this a car that instantly stands out Malibu or Beverly Hills. I especially like that the glamorous drilled-metal Burmester speakers are exposed when the roof is down.

Who needs the 65? Put your foot down at any speed to experience neck-snapping acceleration. The S63 is a rocket, even though the Cabriolet is significantly heavier than its sedan and Coupe siblings. It explodes off the line (even without using the Race Start launch control), and has epic passing power ready on command. Unless you’re just into badge snobbery, there’s no reason to ge...