Ferrari has unveiled the HY-KERS, an "experimental vehicle," at the Geneva auto show today.

The HY-KERS is a hybrid Ferrari based on the 599 GTB Fiorano. The vehicle features a newly developed hybrid drivetrain system with the lithium-ion batteries fitted beneath the floor of the cabin. With no compromise on cabin or luggage space, the HY-KERS actually features a lower center of gravity than the standard 599 GTB.

The hybrid system comes with a 40 kg electric motor that not only provides additional torque during acceleration but is also electronically configured to balance the car's longitudinal and lateral forces. The car can also be run solely on the 100 hp (74 kW) electric motor. The motor operates through one of the 7-speed F1 transmission's dual clutches providing a seamless interplay with V12 gasoline/petrol engine.

The HY-KERS technology is largely derived from Ferrari's F1 team research. The kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) charges the batteries during braking.

Ferrari did not provide any range or fuel economy numbers in their announcement. But it is still just an experimental car.


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