The latest creation from Wisconsin-based Ringbrothers is Defector, a resto-modded 1969 Dodge Charger that made its public debut today at the SEMA show. It’s the first time that Ringbrothers has built a show car based on a Mopar product – and the team says its creation took a total of 4,700 hours of work.

Much of that labor went into dramatically modifying the Dodge’s body. Compared to a factory-fresh ’69 Charger, Defector’s trunk has been shortened by two inches in length, while its total wheelbase has been extended three inches. The new bodywork is draped in a BASF color called “Greener On The Other Side,” and there’s new chrome all over to accent the paintwork.

The extensive chopping necessitated new rocker rails and quarter panels, as well as new suspension. The car thus features a new subframe from Detroit Speed, updated rack-and-pinion steering, and a new four-link rear suspension setup. Nineteen-inch wheels from HRE hide Baer brakes, with six-piston front pistons.

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Under the hood is a modern-day 6.4-liter Hemi V8 ­– like one might find in a brand-new Dodge Charger – tuned by Wegner Motorsports and fitted with a Flowmaster exhaust system for a nice muscle-car rumble. In addition to fresh upholstery, the cabin benefits from upgraded gauges and an Alpine sound system.

In past years, we’ve seen Ringbrothers show off resto-modded Cadillac, Mustang, and Camaro classic cars – and even a DeTomaso Pantera. This year, the group will also introduce an AMC Javelin powered by a Dodge Hellcat engine.

Despite all the modifications, creators Jim and Mike Ring say that Defector still, “exudes the aggressive styling of the original ’69.” It’s certainly a striking creation, with a mean stance that oozes performance intent. See the car inside and out for yourself in our photo gallery of the Charger’s SEMA debut.

Source: Ringbrothers

Gallery: Ringbrothers Defector 1969 Dodge Charger

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Co-founders Jim and Mike Ring introduce the “Defector” 1969 Dodge Charger in the BASF Booth

Spring Green, Wis. (October 31, 2017) – World renowned custom car builder and parts manufacturer Ringbrothers has unveiled “Defector,” an extensively modified 1969 Dodge Charger.  In a special presentation at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the muscle car was introduced at the BASF booth by Ringbrothers founders Jim and Mike Ring.

“Defector” retains the iconic bodylines of one the most popular Mopars ever built, as Ringbrothers incorporated original styling cues with modifications to convey a factory appearance.  More than 4,700 hours were devoted to the build, to seamlessly present a thoroughly modified exterior that exudes the aggressive styling of the original ‘69. 

The largest deviation from the original Charger is the body work performed towards its rear. Jim and Mike Ring started with a locally sourced Charger body, shortened the car by two inches through the trunk area and extended the wheel base by three inches. Consequently, the side rockers were lengthened and quarter panels were lowered and extended. A Detroit Speed Hydroformed Subframe sits below the body with rack and pinion steering, front sway bars and four-link rear suspension. To highlight the body work, “Defector” is coated in a rich custom BASF Glasurit color named “Greener On The Other Side.” Meticulous chrome work was performed by Advanced Plating to further complement the body modifications.

During the build process the Rings created a front valance that appears lower than factory standard. Rear wheel wells were opened to expose custom 19-inch HRE machined wheels – sized 19x11 up front, 19x13 out back – with custom Ringbrothers hubcaps. The wheels were wrapped in Michelin rubber sized 285x35x19 in the front and 345x35x19 in the back. Six-piston Baer brakes were installed to help the Mopar come to a smooth stop.  “Defector” is powered by a 6.4-liter Hemi engine from Wegner Motorsports that is kept running smoothly by Royal Purple engine and transmission oil. The engine maintains perfect temperatures with help from Prestone coolant, while custom Flowmaster headers and exhaust give the car a robust performance exhaust sound.

The Charger’s interior may look and feel like the original ‘69, but it is actually furnished with upgraded front seats customized by Upholstery Unlimited. Other highlights include gauges from Classic Instruments, Vintage Air’s Gen IV Magnum Evap Kit and an Alpine sound system.

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