The U.S. Postal Service is currently searching for a new mail delivery vehicle to replace the nearly-30-years-old Grumman LLV. In its ongoing hunt, the government agency has narrowed its list down to six potential suitors. The options range wildly from AM General (former builder of the military's iconic HUMVEE) in South Bend, Indiana, to Turkish-based Karsan Otomotive, and a few others in between. 

Given that the opportunity is currently in the $37.4 million prototype development phase, we thought we might lend a hand in the ideas department. Here are six potential vehicles that we and our friends at Varooma, who helped us draw them up, think should wear the iconic USPS livery for the next 30 years.

AM General Hummer H1

USPS Renderings

Given that AM General is already one of the six potential options for a new Postal Service vehicle, we thought it only appropriate that the company revives one of its most iconic vehicles: the Hummer H1.

Though defunct since 2006, a revived Hummer would make the perfect go-anywhere, do-anything mail delivery vehicle. Equipped with things like a roof-mounted package delivery gun (parachute included), and an official USPS kayak, neither snow, nor rain, nor rock, nor river could stop this Hummer mail truck.

Jeep Wrangler

USPS Renderings

Probably the most obvious choice of the bunch, a revived Jeep mail truck would honor the original DJ variant that was used throughout the ‘50s and ‘60s. Of course, the new version would have much more in the way of usability.

The boxy rear end of the new Jeep Wrangler would offer even more space than the original for letters, packages, and large envelopes, while its four-wheel-drive system and natural off-road prowess would be ideal for trying road conditions. 

Tesla Model X

USPS Renderings

For a more city- and eco-friendly option, the all-electric Tesla Model X crossover is an obvious choice for the USPS. The current 77 cubic feet of interior volume found in the standard Model X could hypothetically be increased threefold with the removal of the second and third row seats.

All that extra space would easily fit a few dozen packages, if not more, and additions like a dual opening tailgate with a ramp, and an autonomous package delivery arm, would make the job of mailmen and women that much easier.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van Concept

USPS Renderings

For the suburbs, the smarter and more spacious Mercedes-Benz Vision Van concept should be the USPS vehicle of choice. Featuring an intelligent rear cargo space and roof-mounted drones, the Vision Van concept has the ability to deliver multiple packages at once, making for faster and more efficient service.

Under the hood would sit a 101-horsepower (75-kilowatt) electric motor with a maximum range of 168 miles (270 kilometers) on a single charge. The addition of an electric motor would not only reduce emissions, but also residential sound pollution.

Nikola One Semi

USPS Renderings

For cross-country package and mail delivery, the recently revealed Nikola One Semi is the more efficient option over standard gas-powered semis. With a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain allowing for zero-emission driving, and autonomous capabilities, the USPS should consider this futuristic electric semi for its fleet.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso

USPS Renderings

“One night delivery or your money back!” should be the slogan for this Ferrari GTC4Lusso Postal Service vehicle. With a 680-horsepower V12 engine and 15.9 cubic feet of usable rear cargo room, the GTC4Lusso should have no problem getting you your packages on a day’s notice.

Source: Varooma

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