Citroen is ready to go racing with its new C3 WRC Concept at the Paris Motor Show.

Let’s go racing - or as the French say, laissez-nous aller courses (I think). At the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Citroen introduced the C3 WRC concept alongside its all-new C3 hatchback. Along with dramatic racing looks, the concept brings with it a revived racing spirit that Citroen hopes to expand on in the upcoming season.

The C3 WRC concept, Citroen claims, is “very close to the finalized car.” And that’s good news, considering it looks imposing from nearly every angle. On the back, a massive rear wing pairs with dual exhaust tips and a new set of body panels that extend out to 73 inches (1875 millimeters) wide. The car is 55 pounds (25 kilograms) lighter than the stock version - but it’s not the minor weight shavings that should impress you, it’s the power.


2017 Citroën C3 WRC Concept Car
2017 Citroën C3 WRC Concept Car
2017 Citroën C3 WRC Concept Car

Under the hood is a 380-horsepower (283-kilowatts) version of the stock four-cylinder engine. Of course, the turbo has been significantly upgraded and now flanges out to 1.5 inches (36 millimeters). A more protruded front bumper increases air intake and allows for even greater aerodynamic support, as do the aforementioned rear wings and body panels.

With a few minor tweaks, the C3 WRC will transform from the concept you see here into a true rally competitor. It will take the stage at the Rally Monte Carlo in 2017, and continue on through the rest of the season pending initial success.

Sadly (but understandably), Citroen won’t offer the hardcore WRC option to consumers. But the arrival of the new street-legal C3 brings with it a fresh face, a new 81-horsepower engine, and some Cactus-inspired “air bumps," which are always welcomed.

Source: Citroen

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