2017 Mercedes-Benz B250e Review: The Mercedes Of EVs

– Budapest, Hungary

Though it’s sold with a variety of engine options in other countries, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class is offered only with an electric powertrain in the U.S. Called the B250e, the battery-powered hatchback has all the refinement, equipment, and style we’ve come to expect from Mercedes cars, but it can’t match the driving range of other new EVs.




Strong motor. With 251 pound-feet of torque on tap, the B250e really scoots. Select the Sport driving mode, instead of the default Eco or Eco+, and the car’s motor responds energetically, delivering bursts of acceleration in an instant. Speed builds urgently and easily at all times.

Drives like a Mercedes. There’s the same progressive steering weight and firm brake pedal as in other Mercedes small cars, like the CLA and GLA, so the B250e never feels like an eco-warrior. The brake feel especially is impressive; unlike many electrics, the pedal is never spongy and never vague when transitioning between the regenerative and friction brakes.

Handsome interior. The B250e has essentially the same interior layout as the CLA and GLA, with which it shares its platform, and that means it’s one of the more stylish EV interiors on the market. A bright, crisp infotainment display perches atop the dashboard, along with turbine-like air vents and unique instrument gauges for the electric powertrain. All told, it’s a stylish and well-built interior that says luxury first, eco car second.

Clever regenerative-braking system. Using...