2018 Mercedes-AMG E63S Wagon Review: Do It All

Verdict 7.1 / 10

Crossovers have swept across our fair country like a plague, and, like so many things in life, we need to look to our past for a cure. In particular, Americans should consider wagons. Yes, wagons.

While long roofs may conjure up images of hot, sticky family road trips and Clark Griswold, today’s wagons are cool. And when it comes to cool wagons, there’s only one that packs a 603-horsepower twin-turbocharged V8, all-wheel drive, impeccable interior trimmings, and an SUV-like cargo hold. Yes, we’re talking about the Mercedes-AMG E63S 4Matic Wagon.

Pricing 3/10

The E63 has a lot going for it. Pricing, though, is not one of those things. This brute starts at $106,950, but to get one like ours requires a check for $140,320. That said, the long-roof variant of the E63 doesn’t demand much of a premium over its sedan counterpart – a mere $2,550. The option pricing is identical, too, and our tester had a lot of optional gear.

There’s $8,500 in carbon-fiber tinsel, so if you’re pinching pennies with your six-figure wagon, it’s best to avoid the engine cover, exterior package, interior trim, and mirror covers. We would advise going for the 20-inch cross-spoke wheels, though. And, as we doubt most E63 Wagon owners will be tracking their cars, you can probably avoid the $8,950 carbon-ceramic brakes (although they lo...