2017 Jaguar F-Pace 20d Review: Less Pace, More MPG

– Detroit, Michigan

Jaguar’s F-Pace has managed to provide a clear distinction between the British brand’s SUVs and those of its sibling. Where Land Rovers focus on off-road chops and utility, Jaguar’s F-Pace crossover, which will soon be joined by the smaller E-Pace and electric I-Pace, builds on a reputation for cars that are pretty to look at and entertaining to drive. Lightweight and agile, it delivers many of the fun driving aspects of the new XE and XF sedans, yet in a tall, consumer-friendly SUV package.

This one, however, has what is likely to be the least-popular engine choice in the U.S.: a turbodiesel four-cylinder. Most of what makes the F-Pace so likable remains, and you’ll save money at the fuel pump, but know that this isn’t the quickest-paced F-Pace you can buy.




Drives like a sport sedan. Dive into a turn, steer sharply, brake late; the F-Pace forgives and even encourages this behavior. With lots of aluminum in its makeup and an expensive double-wishbone front and multilink rear suspension, this is a crossover that truly does drive smaller than it is. I’m reminded of the eager, playful way the XE sedan goes, stops, and steers – big praise for a 3,913-pound CUV.

Passes fuel stations. The F-Pace diesel is rated for up to 33 miles per gallon on the highway, and I routinely saw 31-32 mpg on the trip computer without even trying to hypermile. That’s pretty good, especially when you consider that the next-thriftiest 2018 F-Pace, the 25t that uses a 2.0-lite...