Review: 2017 Honda Accord Coupe V6

– Detroit, Michigan

It’s hard not to like the Honda Accord. No matter which version of the popular midsizer you buy, it will deliver function, safety, and utility in spades. This particular Accord, though, is a slightly unusual take on the genre. It’s an Accord coupe with the V6 engine, the sportiest version of a car that isn’t really meant to be sporty. While it wouldn’t be my first choice for the money, I’m thrilled that Honda still makes a two-door midsize coupe at all. Most of its rivals – including the Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry (Solara) coupes – have long vanished. If nothing else, this Accord coupe is cool because it’s so unusual.




  • The engine is the absolute star of this package. Delivering its power instantly and predictably, the 3.5-liter V6 snarls as revs build. There’s really too much power here, so the front tires scrabble for grip all the time, but there’s no denying that it’s fun. I’ve driven an Accord coupe V6 with its available manual transmission, and while it is of course great because Honda makes such excellent gearboxes, the automatic in this car better suits the engine’s slightly overeager nature. Why would you want to shift when you can just stand on the right pedal and get heaps of acceleration at any time?
  • There’s no denying that the Accord coupe looks cool. Aggressive slashes in its bodywork, the subtle up-kick in the trunklid, and the big air intakes in the front fascia grab my attention in a way no four-door Accord can manage. Exposed d...