You may think there’s not much to making a good driving shoe, but you’d be wrong. They’re not like your average kicks off the rack. Ever try shifting gears in a Lamborghini (back when you could) while wearing a pair of Nikes? The tight pedal boxes would have your big feet tripping all over themselves. And forget about pedal feel when there’s an inch of Jordan’s air between you and the controls. 

Proper driving just has a different set of requirements than hooping and jogging. Piloti shoes knows that, which is why every one of its sneakers is loaded from heel to toe with patented tech to make you a better driver.

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Piloti Shoes

Let’s start at the heel of a Piloti sneaker. Each pair has what the company calls Roll Control 2.0TM, which is a tech-forward way of saying its heels are rounded from the base of your foot to the back of your heel. Your whole foot pivots on your heel while driving, whether you’re accelerating, braking, or shifting. Piloti’s rounded heel ensures good support and control all the way through those motions, whether you’re rolling into the throttle or gently releasing the clutch. Compare that to a pointed heel, which focuses all that force in one place while you’re trying to gently moderate your inputs. 

Piloti Shoes

Next, there’s pedal feel. Today’s sneakers are bloated with thick soles and extra stiff uppers; good luck trying to feel the contour of anything with your feet in those. That’s why Piloti makes its driving shoes thinner with flexible soles that can bend, twist, and curl, allowing your feet to feel the pedals. Their uppers are also made of flexible materials like soft Italian leathers and suedes that help facilitate a high level of foot control. 

Piloti Shoes

Again, a driving shoe isn’t like a running shoe and shouldn’t fit like one. Driving shoes should fit snugly and be narrow so your feet take up as little space as possible in the pedal box. That efficiency of design is exactly what Piloti provides in every driving shoe. 

Piloti Shoes

Pilotis have a few other neat touches too, such as tire tread soles that not only look cool but provide extremely high grip on surfaces like metal-covered race car pedals. They also feature a nod to their automotive roots with a taillight-inspired stitch on the heel that gives off center-mounted stop lamp vibes. And the Drift, Piloti’s most active sneaker, sports perforated logos on both sides that extract heat like vents on a car’s hood.

While a lot of tech goes into the design of every pair of Piloti shoes, they’re not single-purpose gear. You can wear them all day, not just when you’re driving. Pilotis are for drivers who want the ultimate shoe that’s comfortable enough to wear every day while enhancing your skills as a driver, not hindering them. 

If you want to be one of those drivers, buy your first pair of Piloti shoes now and get $10 off using code MOTOR1.

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