Climate change and air pollution concerns seem like they’re on a faster track than our ability to mobilize against them, so we need bold solutions now. The advent of our carbon-neutral future will be measured in decades, so it’s important we support big gains within our current paradigm whenever possible. Enter Trillion, the company behind a revolutionary new fuel named HydroDiesel+®, and its effort to commercially scale their solution through a current Reg-CF Crowdfunding Campaign.

Normally, you don’t want to mix water with any kind of combustible fuel, but Trillion has developed a water-in-diesel-fuel nanoemulsion technology that infuses a nanometer-sized water chemical solution inside diesel fuel droplets. The benefits of this technology range from lower costs to significant emissions reduction, increased engine work output, higher fuel efficiency, and reduced health effects on humans and animals from air pollution. 

Trillion’s process displaces a certain amount of fuel used in diesel engines by infusing water into fuel droplets down to low nano levels. By doing so, the amount of fuel required falls by 20 percent and the total volume expands to 125 percent. So not only does HydroDiesel+ require less actual diesel, but the taxes you pay on the diesel and its resultant emissions also decrease. 

As for the claim of reduced emissions, HydroDiesel+ has been tested by third-party sources. That said, one only needs to watch this video of both HydroDiesel+ and regular diesel burning to see the difference. CO2, NOX, SO2, particulate matter, black carbon soot – all of these harmful effects are diminished by 40-90 percent on a lifecycle basis.

Trillion HydroDiesel Blending Station
Trillion HydroDiesel Blending Station

The biggest selling point of HydroDiesel+, though, has to be that it’s ready now and easily fits into our existing infrastructure for manufacturing and distributing diesel fuel. Trillion has developed SMART Blending Systems™, which are highly mobile and scalable with rapid deployment. These can be set up near where diesel fuel is stored to treat the fuel at the end of its manufacturing process. They can even be set up on a ship to treat fuel as it comes onboard. The end product has the same stable shelf life as regular diesel fuel. 

Trillion HydroDiesel+®
Regular Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel versus HydroDiesel+®

If you thought diesel was dead or dying, the truth is that – with the help of Trillion – it would offer a saving grace while we wait impatiently for a carbon neutral future. HydroDiesel+ can reduce emissions on a massive scale today, using existing infrastructure and fuel, reducing our national dependency on foreign imports, and converting our current fuel into a cleaner version without sacrificing performance or costs. Be it cruise ships, mining equipment, or even cars, any machine that’s currently burning fuel oil hydrocarbons could be cleaner today with the HydroDiesel+ fuel solution. 

Today might be a more important time than ever before to support innovative companies and solutions that are facilitating energy transition and green economic growth, such as Trillion and its HydroDiesel+ fuel solution. Trillion is crowdfunding its effort to scale and grow on StarEngine, where you can invest in the company’s right-now solution for meaningful climate change.Trillion is also forging ahead quickly, having partnered with the University of Houston in a formal research science partnership, to study and advance the application of HydroDiesel®-related fuels in industry. This appears to be a win-win-win solution, where consumers win, industry wins, and governments win with the HydroDiesel+ fuel solution. Visit Trillion’s webpage for more information about this remarkable fuel and the company’s bright future.

The immediate solution for a cleaner environment is now here, and it's HydroDiesel+® fuel. 

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