Spring is finally here, so it’s about that time when you should begin completing your basic seasonal vehicle maintenance. Things like oil changes, rotating your tires or switching out your winter tires, and checking your pressures. All simple tasks to keep your vehicle operating efficiently.

Another easy thing you can complete on your own, typically in less than two minutes, is changing your cabin air filter. And remember: Just by changing your cabin air filter yourself, you can save upwards of $60 to $150 (depending on your specific vehicle). That’s a lot of money.

FreshenOpt and Motor1.com have partnered to provide you with even more savings. FreshenOpt is offering its premium aftermarket cabin air filter for an additional 13% off the normal retail price, and free shipping, for a limited time when you use promo code MOTOR1FRESH.

If you are a little uncomfortable with changing your own cabin air filter yourself, don’t worry. Purchase the FreshenOpt filter, take it to your local auto shop, and they’ll be happy to do it for you, while you still save money on their premium product. 

The FreshenOpt cabin air filters provide three layers of filtration. First, the grey layer filters out the majority of small to large particles, including pollen and road dust. Next, the middle layer is activated carbon, which effectively reduces odors. And finally, the yellow layer prevents mold and provides additional filtration to reduce dust and allergens. 

The FreshenOpt cabin air filter is noticeably different from competitors, not just by its build quality, but by texture as well. Premium materials and advanced technology are aimed at making your daily commute or family road trip more pleasant for passengers and pets.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, so if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, FreshenOpt will exchange or accept returns for up to 30-days.   

Visit FreshenOpt.com to learn more and remember to use promo code MOTOR1FRESH at checkout to receive 13% off and free shipping anywhere in the USA.  

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