Cars like the Pontiac GTO helped to define America’s muscle car era. It was big and brash, and it came with a honking V8 engine under the hood. Detroit’s Big Three automakers fought to outperform their competitors, and the customers won, with more and more powerful cars hitting the road. The GTO and others are icons today, and now one can be yours if you enter the latest Dream Giveaway, which is offering an ultra-rare 1969 Pontiac GTO Convertible, but you have to act fast.

In 1969, Pontiac produced 72,872 GTOs. A little over 7,000 were convertibles, and of those, the brand equipped just 249 with the 366-horsepower (269-kilowatt) Ram Air III V8 engine. The prize package also includes $15,000 for the cost of the taxes, so you won’t have to worry about that after you win, but you have to enter now!

Double your tickets with a minimum entry donation of just $25 before it’s too late!

The white convertible top sits on a Liberty Blue exterior that hides a blue interior, with a multi-color stripe running down the side. From the factory, the Goat featured power steering, the hood-mounted tachometer, hideaway headlamps, and an AM radio. It looks exquisite inside and out, and you can enter right now to win it!

The thing that made muscle cars iconic was their large, potent powertrains, and this second-generation GTO Convertible does not disappoint in that department. Powering the Goat is a 400-cubic-inch Ram Air V8, making that 366 hp. The engine pairs to the factory four-speed manual, which replaced the standard three-speed unit. The gearbox helps route power to the rear wheels through the Safe-T-Track rear differential.

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Some consider the Pontiac GTO to be America’s first muscle car, and now one of them can be yours. Don’t forget that the prize package includes $15,000 to pay the taxes, and that’s quite the offer for such a low cost, but time is running out to enter. A $25 donation or more to Dream Giveaways’s favorite charities gets readers double the entry tickets to win the convertible. Now is the time to enter to win this rare GTO because it won’t be around forever.

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