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Robocalls have invaded our lives, and the #1 reason they're calling these days is to sell you an extended warranty for your car. We understand why you wouldn't buy anything from a company that uses robocalls to advertise, which is why you should get to know olive®, the online leader of mechanical breakdown coverage™ for your car who doesn't do robocalls... ever.

Note that olive refers to itself as a mechanical breakdown coverage provider. That's because it's both incorrect and illegal for competitor companies to call what they're selling an "extended warranty." By law, warranties can only be provided by a product's original manufacturer. You buy a toaster, that toaster company can issue a "warranty." You buy a new vehicle, that car company issues a "warranty."

Most companies don't care and try to make you believe they're extending your car's original warranty, which isn't true. But olive is transparent, honest, and trustworthy – they tell you exactly who they are, what they cover, and they give you nine different options to choose from. 

Get an easy online quote from olive today in under 60 seconds.

What olive offers are three coverage plans: olive Powertrain, olive Powertrain Plus, and olive Complete Care. The olive Powertrain plan covers all of your car's most expensive items, including every lubricated part of your transmission and engine. It covers other expensive repairs such as your water and oil pumps, engine gaskets, and thermostat. Got a factory turbocharger? Covered. The olive Powertrain Plus plan turns it up notch by adding power steering, front suspension, brakes, and air conditioning components to your coverage.


Lastly, the olive Complete Care plan is so comprehensive that it’s easier to tell you what's excluded. While tires and windshield wipers are not covered because they're wear-and-tear items, just about everything else is covered from your back up assist camera to your transmission control module.

It's not just what olive covers that makes it a great choice for mechanical breakdown coverage. For one, it's crazy affordable with three deductible options for each plan and your rate is locked in for three years. Pricing varies depending on the age of your car and its mileage, but olive customers on average pay only $60 a month. Plus, unlike other coverage providers, there's no long-term contract – you can cancel any time. And signing up is so easy and painless – the process is 100% online with no car inspection or waiting period required. 

There are perks that come with being covered by olive.

There are perks that come with being covered by olive. Our favorite is access to unlimited free CarFax reports for your covered car. And there is no annual mileage restriction, so rack up those miles without worry. Your olive coverage is also completely transferrable to your vehicle's next owner, which increases its value on the used car market. 

Get an easy, online quote from olive today in under 60 seconds. If your vehicle factory warranty has expired, you're vulnerable to expensive repairs that are likely to arise – it's only a matter of time. Remember, even your current car insurance can't help you when it comes to a breakdown, but olive can, so get your quote right now!

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