Ceramic coatings have become extremely popular for how well they protect your car's finish from damage and make it easier to clean. Unfortunately, they cost thousands of dollars to have a professional apply.

Car care companies have taken note and come out with a slew of less expensive DIY solutions, but none measure up to The Last Coat. For a limited time, Motor1.com readers can get The Last Coat's new upgraded formula for 15 percent off. Buy it, try it, and let us know if you love it.

The Last Coat comes from two guys who started out in their garage. They're true DIYers who developed their own coating formula and took it nationwide. Their first formula was such a success they went back to the lab to develop a new one with the same versatility and ease of use as the original, but with much stronger durability and hardness. 

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The result is a formula you spray and wipe on that bonds and sets within just seven minutes! After 24 hours it's fully cured and resistant across a whole pH range of chemicals (watch the video below if you don't believe us). And it's durable, with one coat lasting over six months. 

Once applied, The Last Coat protects your paint from water, dirt, salt, UV rays, and more. It's extremely hydrophobic too, which means rain beads right off your finish and messes wipe right off. It can even be applied to chrome, plastic, leather, and vinyl, too.

We also like the fact there is no oil in The Last Coat, as there is in some of the most popular brands of ceramic sprays out there. This means there is no streaking and no residue during the application process. It also means you're not left with messy and oily bottles.

You can try other products from bigger names, but you'll probably spend a lot more. The Last Coat Pro Kit comes with 16-ounce spray bottle of TLC plus a bonus 4-ounce travel-sized bottle and two premium 400 GSM microfiber towels for just $49.97. For a limited time, Motor1.com readers can get another 15 percent off using discount code MOTOR1. They even offer a 365-day return policy, but we don't think you'll need it. 

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