It's podcast time! This week, Global Editor-in-Chief John Neff comes onto Rambling About Cars for a (sometimes heated) conversation about General Motors' new logo. Then, Bruce takes the reins to give his opinion about why the Mini Hardtop's refreshed face is an absolute mess.

The first segment stemmed from a discussion in's internal chat room where Neff and Smith got passionate about the new look for GM's iconic logo. Neff's view is that the fresh look with lowercase letters looks too "childish." Also, he feels the version of the emblem with a blue gradient has too much in common with a smartphone app logo.

Smith's view is that the design is still easily identifiable as GM but with a fresh take on that idea. He has a background in marketing and beliefs that branding and brand recognition are important. Getting people to talk about something new is positive for the brand. The new logo communicates that the automotive giant is going in a different direction.


Bruce's time to shine is in the second half of the show. He reacts to the Mini Hardtop's newly unveiled and doesn't like it. The designers add dark trim around the headlights that make them look like googly eyes. Plus, the black trim around the front fascia has the appearance of a goatee.

Then, there's some praise for the new BMW M5 CS before criticizing the automaker for introducing it at the same day and time as the refreshed Mini.

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