Pickup trucks are designed to be tough and rugged, but that doesn't mean your truck can't be pampered when not in use. CarCovers.com offers a full line of covers to protect your truck year-round, and there is a vast selection available to fit trucks with a variety of bed lengths and cab configurations (single cab, double cab, or crew cab). These covers fit lifted, lowered, or bone stock trucks, and they are also designed to accommodate trucks equipped with a camper shell.

For trucks that get parked outside, the Platinum Shield Truck Cover from CarCovers.com delivers maximum weather protection. These premium truck covers feature a UV-reflective silver polyester material making it perfect for hot and sunny climates, and the polyurethane coating ensures that water sheds off quickly to prevent damage or wear while resisting mold, rot, and mildew.

As you can see in the video above, installation of the outdoor Platinum Shield Car Cover is a breeze. The elastic hems allow for a perfect fit at the front and rear, and the reinforced grommets on the sides secure the car cover from being blown away or stolen. An ultra-soft inner fleece liner is gentle on your car's paint, and the multi-layer design with double-stitched hems delivers a long-lasting, durable construction.

Indoor Black Satin Shield from CarCovers.com - stock truck

If you have a show vehicle or any other truck that is lucky enough to be stored safely in a garage, the Indoor Black Satin Shield from CarCovers.com is available to provide excellent indoor protection against dust, pests, and air pollution. This allows the paint to always look fresh and clean by protecting your truck's luster from the dust, pests, and air pollution that even indoor-stored vehicles are susceptible to.

These indoor truck covers are made from a satin fabric that is the company's softest material option, and the cover stretches to form fit all of your truck's contours including the door mirrors, fender flares, and roof antenna. With its black satin design, this indoor cover definitely looks good, and it's just as durable as the outdoor Platinum Shield Car Cover thanks to its double stitched seams and elastic hems that ensure a snug fit at the bottom, which you can see for yourself in the following video.

Best of all, both of these high-quality truck covers are built to last. The outdoor-ready Platinum Shield Truck Cover is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, while the Indoor Black Satin Shield comes with a ten-year limited warranty. CarCovers.com also guarantees the fit on your truck and provides a 30-day return policy for added piece of mind, and shipping is free on all orders.

Visit CarCovers.com today to get an indoor or outdoor cover for your truck!

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