It's extremely rare you'll find a scale model from Amalgam Collection on sale. It'd be like finding $500 cash back on the hood of a Rolls-Royce. But thanks to the close relationship we have with our friends at Amalgam, we've managed to negotiate an exclusive offer just for you. 

For a limited time, readers can purchase Amalgam's Corvette Sculpture Collection and receive a $50.00 USD discount on these eight sculptures that represent each of the American icon's celebrated generations, from the C1 to today's mid-engine C8. Just use promo code M1SCULPTS at checkout. You can also start your collection with just a single sculpture and receive the same 5% discount.

Use promo code M1SCULPTS for $50 off the Corvette Sculpture Collection.

The Corvette Sculpture Collection strips away the detail and complexity we normally associate with a fine Amalgam model, leaving only the Corvette's pure form over time to behold. These sculptures are hand-cast in stone-filled resin, hand-finished, and plated in aluminum. Each one is then layered with five coats of spray painting with tinted lacquer. Their unique colors represent Amalgam's interpretation of the vogue of each era. To ensure accuracy with the original cars, each sculpture has also been thoroughly reviewed and approved by the design team at General Motors.

Gallery: Corvette Sculpture Collection By Amalgam

Each model also comes in Amalgam's typically high-end packaging with a portable display case, drawstring carrying tote, Certificate of Authenticity signed by the company founder and artist, and informational booklets about the cars and their craftsmanship.

Click here to visit Amalgam Collection's website to purchase your own Corvette Collection or a single Corvette sculpture. Thanks to, use promo code M1SCULPTS at checkout to enjoy a $50 discount on the whole collection that typically sells for $996.00 or 5% off an individual sculpture's normal price of $150.00.

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