The BMW Concept 4 debuted this week at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and it's all we've been talking about. What began as slightly oversized versions of BMW's iconic twin kidney grille on the production 7 Series sedan and X7 SUV was taken to a whole new level with the Concept 4. The twin grilles are massive on the concept, like the flaring nostrils of someone who's about to sneeze in your face. On this week's episode of the Podcast, it's all about that face. 


Your hosts, Global Editor in Chief John Neff, Senior Editor Jeff Perez, and Writer Chris Bruce, begin with giving their general takes on the Concept 4. Their judgment is unanimous, but you'll have to listen to find out where they fall on the car's success. 

Talking about BMW grilles naturally leads to a discussion about the best BMW designs of all time, and not surprisingly, the hosts all select cars around the same time period. 

Gallery: BMW Concept 4

The most iconic grilles of all time comes up next. Each host has their favorite, and you probably do too. Let us know in the comments!

Reader comments are next, with lots of opinions left after last week's episode to get through. Many of you had thoughts on our Porsche Taycan versus Tesla debate, and the rivalry between the two automakers is only just heating up. 

As always, we end the show with our favorite segment, What We're Driving This Week. Perez had seat time in some very strange TRD vehicles from Toyota, while Bruce was banging cars all week playing Wreckfest. Lastly, Neff found himself driving another Mercedes, and is totally fine with that.

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