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Deciding on an aftermarket treatment for your vehicle is no easy undertaking. Your local corner shop probably isn’t the best place to look for upgraded bumper treatments, or exhaust tips, especially if that vehicle in question is a nearly $70,000 Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Thankfully, has been working its magic on Mercedes-Benz products for a number of years, alongside other upscale manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Ferrari, and Lamborghini, to name a few. The Russia-based shop’s new range of carbon fiber products are designed specifically for the AMG Sport-styled models, and promise to give your Benz the subtle, sexy look you’ve been dreaming of. What's more, because sells directly from the factory to customers, parts pricing is quite competitive.

Continuing its tradition of high-quality aftermarket products, the new range includes an entire catalog of options, front to back. At the nose, a new carbon fiber lip spoiler with additional carbon fiber vents can be had for 1,190 ($1,420) and 790 ($945) respectively. Out back, a new spoiler, a new diffuser, and even carbon fiber tail pipes can be tacked on to your Benz, at a cost of 3,570 ($4,270) combined.

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Visit the Carbon Pro website for even more carbon fiber parts.

Additional features like carbon fiber side skirts (1,290 / $1,540), door handles (990 / $1,185), mirror covers (890 / $1,065), and yes, even a license plate frame (590 / $705), complete the package and give the E-Class a more aggressive look overall. The entire package, top to bottom, will set you back just 9,560 ($11,435), not including installation.

Each piece is crafted out of 100-percent visible dry carbon fiber, and is a much-needed upgrade over standard sheet metal. The pieces are easy to install, and are made of the finest materials. The best part is, they’re all free to ship, making them accessible to Mercedes-Benz owners around the world.

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