2018 BMW 440i Coupe Review: Minor Updates Make A Positive Impact

– Munich, Germany

The BMW 4 Series lineup gets a number of updates for the 2018 model year, though I’ll forgive you for not being able to immediately spot the differences. Keen-eyed Bimmerphiles will notice the reshaped LED running lights up front, the new light design inside the taillamps, and the redesigned alloy wheels. But those tweaks don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. The important updates are found beneath the surface, where BMW has tweaked the 4 Series’ steering and suspension setups to make it an even more enjoyable driver’s tool.




Better steering. BMW sort of lost its way with steering feel a few years ago, its electrically assisted setups proving more numb than entertaining. But things are slowly improving, and the 2018 4 Series offers more feedback through the helm than before. There’s still a noticeable dead spot on center, but weight builds progressively while cornering, and the whole experience feels more natural, more involving than before.

Composed chassis. Three different suspension setups are available – standard, M Sport, and Adaptive M – and all get a bit stiffer for 2018. The M Sport car tested here provides great ride comfort on smooth Alpine roads, but keeps roll to a minimum in fast corners. If you like the way a 3 Series drives, the 4 Series is even better, thanks to its wider track and lower ride height (and thus center of gravity). This chassis is indeed tuned with sporty driving in mind, but offers enough compliance not to ...