The more new and updated compact cars I drive this year, the more I recognize what a job Honda has done with its tenth-generation Civic.

Though our Why Buy? video series is heavy-up on practical considerations, my driving enthusiast’s heart requires me to tell you that, for a basic sedan, this Honda is pretty entertaining to pilot. Future performance variants will engorge the power figures and enhance the grip, but as it stands the Civic feels composed in a corner and compelling in terms of driver feedback. It steers and stops quick, all while not giving much up in the way of great day-to-day behavior. But there we go back to the practical case again.

For that – the ingeniously complex center console, surprisingly comfortable trunk space, and bearable CVT – go ahead and watch the video below. And, if you haven’t already, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can stay up to date on our weekly parade of Why Buy? content.




OUTPUT 174 Horsepower / 162 Pound-Feet
EPA FUEL ECONOMY 31 City / 42 Highway / 35 Combined

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