It goes without saying that road rages and car chases are dangerous, but it's actually amplified in an area as densely populated as Manhattan in New York City. And, most especially, if it's in the hands of a dangerous driver who doesn't want to be apprehended by cops.

The incident, which has been captured on video, began when officers attempted to stop a black Cadillac at 38th Street and Seventh Avenue. The driver avoided apprehension and fled, but was later spotted at Madison and 30th. The driver attempted to get away by backing up, but ended up hitting two NYPD officers. The suspect then drove onto the sidewalk, crashing into an outdoor restaurant and weaving down the sidewalk and the street before colliding with a street sign and a hydrant.


The Cadillac eventually came to a stop near Lexington Avenue after colliding with another vehicle. According to reports, witnesses saw the driver flee on foot and ran into a nearby building.

It is unclear why the vehicle was stopped initially, but police said the suspect was seen with an illegal firearm in the vehicle. The suspect was described as a middle-aged man with a green mohawk. The latest update from the NYPD identifies the suspect as Benjamin Abrams, who is now wanted for assault, among other things.

The incident caused damage to several vehicles and establishments, including the outdoor dining area seen in the video above. The owner of the restaurant, Volkan Muti, said his staff was preparing for dinner when they heard a loud commotion outside.

Fortunately, no one was sitting in the outdoor dining area at the time of the incident, but several vehicles were damaged, including a blue sedan belonging to 74-year-old Maryann Lenzi.

The owner of another restaurant, Mason Jar, Brendan Gardner, spent some time cleaning up and fixing his store after it was also damaged in the incident. He estimates that the damage will cost a few thousand dollars to fix.

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