The fourth-generation Mazda3 made its debut in late 2018, so the timing seems just about right for an update. Unlike the vast majority of its rivals, the Zoom-Zoom company typically stays away from significant mid-cycle facelifts. As seen in the adjacent official images, this updated Mazda3 is no exception. Unveiled this week in Japan, the compact hatchback and sedan duo gets a new paint job and a few tech revisions inside the cabin.

The JDM-spec 2024 Mazda3 can now be had with a Ceramic Metallic color and a 10.25-inch display for the infotainment. The screen is slightly larger than the old 8.8-inch setup and comes along with illuminated USB-C ports. In addition, you can leave your smartphone's cable at home as the car gets a wireless charging pad.

2024 Mazda3 (JDM)
2024 Mazda3 (JDM)

Elsewhere, Mazda is improving the car's safety systems by adding an Inattentive Warning function capable of detecting when the driver is distracted. If that happens, it triggers an audible alarm as well as a warning message on the display. Moreover, the Mazda3 can now detect additional obstacles up ahead, including pedestrians.

One goodie trickling down from the CX-60 is remote engine start via the MyMazda app, but only on cars equipped with the automatic transmission. The software for your smartphone can also be used to instantly receive an alarm when a different driver goes over the pre-established speed, driving time, and driving area. Also coming from the CX-60 is the Mazda My Car Care in the unfortunate event the car gets stolen. It's standard across the range, with the exception of the SKYACTIV-G 1.5 model.

In Japan, the 2024 Mazda3 will go on sale in early June from 2,288,000 yen to 3,866,500 yen, which works out to $17,500 to nearly $30,000 at current exchange rates. The car has also been updated in Australia where the SkyActiv-X engine and manual gearbox have been dropped, among other changes.

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