Somewhere in Indiana, there's a barn full of hay-covered Dodge, Oldsmobile, and Plymouth muscle cars. According to this video, the owner still wrenches on these machines, but it looks like they are in desperate need of some attention.

A 1970 Dodge Charger R/T is the star of this collection. It wears the original red paint with a black vinyl roof. There's a big dent on the passenger side front fender, but the rest of the exterior appears to be in good shape. The interior isn't nearly as nice, though. There's exposed wiring, and it looks like some of the carpet is gone.

A 1971 Charger SE is next to the R/T. It appears to be in much better shape. There are no obvious issues with the exterior, and the interior looks similarly good through the window. According to the owner, it has a 383-cubic-inch V8 and a four-speed manual gearbox.

We also catch a glimpse of a green 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. It's in a precarious spot because one of the barn's supports is buckling directly above the muscle car.

What appears to be a 1968 Oldsmobile 442 is also in the barn. It's missing the grille, and the passenger side front fender is a different color than the rest of the car. The car allegedly just needs brakes and a tune-up to be ready for the road again.

A yellow International Harvester pickup wears a thick layer of dust but appears to have good bones underneath the filth.

Outside the barn, there's a Mopar junkyard. There are a bunch of cars missing various pieces of bodywork. The video claims that there's a 1967 Plymouth GTX so deep within another building that the car is impossible to access. Imagine what else must be in there.

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