Earlier this month, we heard a pretty interesting rumor. A report from Car and Driver claimed General Motors is planning to establish the Escalade and Camaro as standalone sub-brands with their own models. The Escalade is rumored to receive a smaller three-row crossover and a minivan, complementing the existing Escalade luxury SUV. Fueled by this interesting rumor, our colleagues at Kolesa.ru created this exclusive rendering previewing what an Escalade-branded MPV could look like.

This very early and speculative look at the Escalade minivan doesn’t look bad, to be honest. The Escalade’s front fascia with a massive grille seems to fit nicely into the overall boxy design of modern MPVs. Even more so when you consider the new generation of luxury minivans for the Chinese market from local and global automakers – like the Zeekr 009 and Trumpchi M8, for example (take a look at the related links below).

Gallery: Cadillac Escalade minivan renderings

Speaking of the People’s Republic's growing minivan segment, it is believed that if Escalade expands into a standalone sub-brand, its large family product will be designed and built specifically for the Chinese market. There, brands like Buick and Lexus currently have luxury minivans on sale and there’s strong competition from domestic brands, too. 

Unfortunately, the information is scarce at the moment and we can only make assumptions regarding the Escalade minivan. One very plausible scenario, however, seems to be a rebranded version of the recently launched Buick GL8 Century, which is a large MPV with Maybach levels of legroom, features such as Bose speakers integrated into the headrests, and sliding rear doors. In theory, its Escalade-branded brother could be launched as a slightly more affordable and sportier offering to complement the GL8’s portfolio in China.

Back to the report from last week, Car and Driver also claimed Escalade could launch one more additional model alongside the minivan and the three-row SUV. According to the available information, there could be a lifted sedan or wagon, possibly similar in idea to the new Toyota Crown.

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