Based on a Mercury Cougar Chassis, this Veyron replica sold for $59,900 on eBay.

Someone with really weird tastes agreed to buy a Bugatti Veyron lookalike based on a 2001 Mercury Cougar chassis. He was probably convinced by the seller’s description which at one point says “YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH OF A ROCKSTAR YOU WILL BE DRIVING THIS.  YOU WILL STOP TRAFFIC EVERYWHERE YOU GO.”

We are not big fans of replicas, but we have to admit this one is not half bad and the fiberglass body will probably fool the untrained eye, at least when viewed from afar. Although not shown in the adjacent pictures, the seller mentions his replica comes with a functional rear wing as a way to echo the real deal.

The Veyron impersonator obviously doesn’t have the mighty W16 engine as instead it comes with a 3.0-liter Duratec V6 engine sourced from a Mercury Stable. The engine has been fitted with an SVO intake and is linked to a custom exhaust which “sounds unbelievable” if we were to believe the seller. Although an exact output is not mentioned in the ad, chances are it’s a bit more than the 201 horsepower provided by the stock Mercury Stable.

Stepping inside the cabin, you’ll see it does not look like a Mercury Cougar because the creator also spent some time modifying the cabin to mimic the Veyron. The effort is in some ways commendable, but at the end of the day, it’s easy to notice this is just a knockoff.

Someone liked the whole package and agreed to pay the “buy it now” price of $59,900. For only $4,000 more, he could have purchased a brand new (real) BMW M3, but different strokes for different folks…


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