The Volvo EX90 will debut as the brand’s new flagship on November 9. The automaker has been teasing the new electric SUV, detailing the various technologies it plans to pack into the model. Central to that experience is the dashboard, which Volvo has officially teased.

This isn’t our first look at the Volvo’s dash. Published patent images revealed the design, and it matches the real-world product. It will feature a small screen in front of the driver, displaying relevant info such as speed, range, and directions. A larger center screen provides access to the car’s navigation system, media, phone, and vehicle controls. The screen is contextual, changing when you’re parked, driving, or on a phone call.

Gallery: Volvo EX90 Dashboard Teasers

Volvo says these screens will be vital to building trust between the driver and the vehicle, especially as cars begin to take over various driving functions. The automaker wants these screens “to make your life easier and safer, rather than creating more distractions or confusion.” The screens will present relevant and contextual information in a simplified way that informs the driver what the car expects them to do.

This isn’t our first look at the interior. Last week, the automaker teased the seats and dashboard trim as it announced it’d use sustainable materials wherever possible. The EX90 will also contain about 110 pounds (50 kilograms) of bio-based materials and recycled plastics. The company will also pack radar into the cabin to detect sleeping children and pets accidentally left inside the vehicle.

On the outside, the Volvo will have a litany of sensors that will work with interior ones to better “understand” the driver. The exterior has cameras, lasers, radars, and ultrasonic sensors. Volvo has in-house software that runs everything, crunching all the data from inside and outside the vehicle to ensure the driver is paying attention and driving safely.

We’ll get all the details and a complete look at the EX90 on November 9. The SUV’s design won’t stray far from the XC90’s familiar formula, but the big focus will be the underlying technology and the all-electric powertrain. Details about the battery and motor(s) remain a mystery.

Gallery: Next-Gen Volvo EXC90 Patent Images

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