In the exclusive world of track-only hypercars, there's nothing quite like the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro. Its screaming 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 makes 1,000 horsepower, and its wild design generates 2,000 pounds of downforce at speed. Anyone can drive it, but it takes talent to push this extreme hypercar to its limit.

That's what makes this Mr JWW video special. The familiar YouTuber is certainly no slouch behind the wheel, but when Aston Martin Formula One driver Nico Hülkenberg is on-hand, taking hot laps in the passenger seat it is probably the better option. It's not that the Valkyrie AMR Pro is difficult to drive, but one doesn't simply buckle in and push this screaming hypercar to its limit. That is, unless you're Hülkenberg.

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After a short introduction showcasing the Valkyrie, the video transitions to an in-car view with Hülkenberg driving. For approximately three glorious minutes, there are no jump cuts, no background music, and no distractions. We get unfiltered footage of an F1 driver using every single horsepower and every pound of downforce the AMR Pro has to offer. The sound is the stuff of petrolhead heaven, and as anyone familiar with UK's Silverstone Circuit can attest, the action is very fast. Considering this is a track-day car and not a purpose-built racing machine, the performance is phenomenal.

That's not to say the Valkyrie AMR Pro isn't equipped with race-ready equipment. Its carbon brakes are unlike anything you'll find on a street car. It's also longer and wider than the standard Valkyrie, and it rides on Michelin LMP slick tires not just for grip, but because the sidewalls can handle extreme levels of downforce. How extreme? Telemetry from the laps featured here revealed 2.5g in turns and 3g under braking.

In the video, Hülkenberg admitted that the Valkyrie AMR Pro does encroach on F1 levels of performance, notably with the downforce and power-to-weight ratio. Encroaching is still far from equal, however, as Hülkenberg also points out. During the laps, there were some sections where the AMR Pro was still 60 mph slower compared to an F1 car.

Aston Martin is only building 40 Valkyrie AMR Pros all total, so who knows when we might see another one exercised to its limit like this. So sit back, turn the volume up, and enjoy the sights and sounds of internal combustion horsepower.

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