Normally if you like to go boating, you get in your car, go to a boat rental, and get on a boat. The more affluent ones tow their own boats to the port using a truck or an SUV. But what if we tell you that you can actually do both in the same car?

That's what we have here, featured by YouTuber AdamC3046 in the video embedded on top. It's a seventh-generation Ford Fiesta that has been converted into an amphibious car and is still road-legal in the UK. According to the presenter, it is a father-and-son lockdown project.

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What's great about this amphibious Ford is that it's still recognizable as a Fiesta even at first glance. The upper half comes from the subcompact car, though the bottom half shows the fiberglass body of a Dutton Reef. The wheels are also from stock Fiesta alloys.

In order for the conversion to work, a few modifications have been employed on this Fiesta. The engine has been moved behind the rear seats and the exhaust has been repositioned higher for obvious reasons. The wheelbase has been extended as well to accommodate the mid-engine configuration, while the roof was chopped off for some open-air boating pleasure.

For the propeller to work, there's a transfer case that allows the transmission of power to the propeller while in the water. Acceleration is still controlled by the pedal, while the rudders turn left or right based on the steering wheel input.

It's a fun machine, no doubt, but it's not without drawbacks. With a maximum cruising speed of 7 knots on the water or around 8 miles per hour (13 kilometers per hour), it is by no means a speed boat. But then again, how many Ford Fiestas out there can drive on both land and water at will?

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