You've probably seen your fair share of 6x6 builds from the likes of Rezvani and Hennessey, but Apocalypse Manufacturing wants a piece of the action with its outlandish builds. The Florida-based dealer and aftermarket specialist has already showed off its Warlord 6x6 based on the Ram 1500 TRX, and now it's time for the three-axle Jeep Gladiator to get its 20 minutes of fame courtesy of Jay Leno’s Garage.

The company has already built 78 Hellfire 6x6s and this menacing truck featured is number 79, complete with an LS3 engine producing 500 horsepower. Alternatively, buyers can opt for a Hellcat and even a 3.0-liter twin-turbodiesel for those who enjoy the low-end torque delivered by an oil burner. Riding on gigantic 40-inch tires, the fully modified Gladiator is one of the most imposing trucks we have ever seen.

It weighs just under 6,000 pounds (2,721 kilograms) and has a legit 6x6 layout with an eight-speed automatic transmission borrowed from a Ram 3500 HD. Apocalypse Manufacturing owner Joseph Ghattas says a manual gearbox is available, but given the vehicle’s hefty weight and power, you’ll likely end up replacing the clutch quite often.

The interior is largely carried over from the donor car, but the company can fit an auxiliary screen providing footage captured by the night vision camera positioned on top of the vehicle. At the back, the fastback-esque full enclosure was designed by taking inspiration from the Tesla Cybertruck and opens up to reveal the bed where an optional 40-gallon fuel tank can be added or a water reservoir.

It only takes three weeks from the moment an order is placed until delivery as the company always has 10-15 frames ready as well as a bunch of engines and cabs. With California being the model’s largest market, it only makes sense the custom builder also offers more sensible 38-inch tires instead of this chunky rubber originally tailored to heavy-duty trucks.

Ready for a zombie invasion, the Hellfire 6x6 transfers its power to the two rear axles at all times and the driver can choose to send some of the muscle to the front axle. As you would expect from such a build, the Gladiator received a lift kit (3.5 inches) and a modified suspension for greater travel made possible by significantly raising the rear fenders.

Jay Leno admits the six-wheeled behemoth is not really his type of vehicle, but appreciates the idea behind the project and the outcome as the heavily modified Jeep feels solidly built.

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