The Tesla Model 3 is already one of the most recognizable EVs in the world, thanks to its distinctive silhouette and grille-less front fascia. But it might get a new rival soon, previewed by the Neta Eureka 03 concept that debuted at the 2020 Beijing Motor Show this week. Boasting a sleek Art Deco design, the Eureka 03 could be the third model from electric vehicle manufacturer Neta, following the U and N01 crossovers.

Neta claims a range of 800 kilometers (496 miles) using the somewhat outdated NEDC testing protocol, according to a Facebook post from Using a little armchair mathematics, we’d estimate the EPA rating to be a still-impressive 559 km (347 miles). For comparison, a standard-range Tesla Model 3 with rear-wheel drive is rated at 250 miles of range, while the all-wheel-drive, extended-range variant traveled 322 miles in EPA testing.

Neta Eureka 03 Concept
Neta Eureka 03 Concept
Neta Eureka 03 Concept

The Eureka 03 will also sprint to 100 kilometers an hour (62 miles per hour) in about 4 seconds, a number that also compares very nicely to the Tesla – the base model hits 60 mph in 5.3 seconds, while the extended-range Model 3 drops that number to 4.4 seconds. Of course, those looking for maximum acceleration from their compact luxury EVs should go for the Tesla Model 3 Performance, which boots it to 60 in just 3.2 seconds, with a rated range of 299 miles.

Measuring 189.0 inches long, 78.7 inches wide, and 55.1 inches tall (draped over a 114-inch wheelbase), the Neta concept wears its proportions well. Sharp, Y-shaped headlights look a bit like those found on the Polestar 2, though much larger. A wide, pointed lower grille provides cooling for electrical components, as well as giving the “Eureka 03” branding a sharp backdrop. Triangular strakes dominate the side profile, pairing nicely with a five-spoke, plumeria-shaped wheel design.

The fastback sedan’s curving roofline and rear haunches feature gorgeous flying buttresses that might as well have been plucked right from a modern supercar. Spoiling the rear view (pun intended) is a rear wing that looks a bit too small for the vehicle. Luckily, an attention-grabbing rear light bar (bookended by finlike tail lights) and a slick rear diffuser rescue the back end. expects a production version of the Neta Eureka 03 to arrive on the roads of China sometime in 2022.

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