This camper concept is the RV equivalent to a Transformer because it offers a fully modular interior. When it's time for a vacation, the cabin can be ready for life on the road. Alternatively, everything can come out to create a cargo van. A third transformation involves installing seats so that the owner can haul people instead of goods.

Using a 19.7-foot (6-meter) is the starting point, the concept comes from the company Vöhringer. With the camper gear in place, there are all the amenities a person would want. For example, the kitchenette with two burners and a small sink is a modular unit that attaches to the floor rails.

The wet bath is similar by being fully removable from the vehicle. It features a toilet and shower. To be watertight, there's a roller enclosure for sealing the shower.

A deployable table provides a spot to eat. There are two fixed seats and swiveling chairs for the front occupants let four folks have a meal together there.

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At the back, there are side-by-side beds that measure 6.6 feet (2 meters) long. They fold up into the walls to create more space when not resting.

While not visible here, Vöhringer's brochure indicates that a potential option would be the installation of a workstation in the cabin so a person would be able to keep up with the job while on the road.

When everything comes out of the van, the construction of the floor makes it so that even the cable ducting is no longer visible. The rails on the floor also act as attachment points for the conventional seats. With enough chairs for six people, there's still a decent amount of space for carrying their luggage in the back.

Vöhringer is displaying this camper concept at the 2020 Düsseldorf Caravan Salon. It's not clear whether the company ever intends to build the vehicle, but nothing here seems beyond the scope of going into production.

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